Inclusive Future-Internet Web Services

2Web is a research project that aims to enable an accessible Future Internet for people with special needs, especially people with disabilities and older adults. 

The Future Internet Community will be more mainstream in people's lives, which makes the inclusiveness of its services' front ends of paramount importance, avoiding the isolation of the aforementioned social groups.

The project is coping with several challenges of the Future Internet in regard to the ageing population and the needs of people with disabilities:

  • the ubiquitous and mobile Web, 
  • Web 2.0 developments, with user-generated content and social networks, and
  • media convergence, like for instance, WebTV and IPTV.

I2Web will develop tools for inclusive Internet service front-ends that implement user-centered design and Design for All principles, and which are supported by compliance testing tools like imergo, developed by Fraunhofer FIT. The development of these tools must be accompanied by facilities for the discovery of the corresponding services.

I2Web is co-funded by the European Commission. under the ICT 7th Framework Program.