Web Accessibility Initiative – Cooperation Framework for Guidance on Advanced Technologies, Evaluation Methodologies, and Research Agenda Setting to Support eAccessibility

WAI-ACT addresses critical areas of advanced accessibility support through activities that build upon the strengths of past web accessibility work, harmonizes existing work, and helps shape a research agenda in coordination with key stakeholders in Europe and internationally.

The project approaches the need for expanded European and international cooperation on the development of accessibility solutions for people with disabilities and for consensus-based, authoritative technical guidance to accelerate implementation of advanced technologies.

WAI-ACT will result in:

  • Expanded cooperation on the development of accessibility solutions
  • Authoritative accessibility guidance on advanced web technologies
  • Harmonized methodologies for evaluating accessibility of websites
  • Common visions for a coordinated eAccessibility research agenda
WAI-ACT is co-funded by the European Commission as a Specific Support Action under the IST 7th Framework Program (IST 287725).