We put sustainable and smart plastics into practice.

Your success is our goal


enable you to create new business opportunities to adapt for a growing sustainable market.
help you to expand your portfolio with sustainable plastic materials, products and services.

You get...

IoT (Internet of Things) into your production chain, leading to a more effective, efficient and sustainable business.
the best value out of your data in order to get full control of your processes.
to know your way around plastics recycling, recovery and bioplastics.

What is »SPIRIT«?

SPIRIT is a Joint Research Platform for Sustainable Plastics and Related IoT (Internet of Things) Applications. It was founded by the Colombian Institute for the Plastic and Rubber Research and Training (ICIPC) and the German Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology FIT and is supported by Ruta N, COLCIENCIAS and other institutions. The goal is to strengthen international collaboration in science, technology and innovation. Specifically, the German-Colombian cooperation aims to create IT-based and sustainable solutions for plastics, packaging and products. The focus is in the fields of agriculture, food, automobile and health. 

We offer:

R&D project support
We help you to plan your revolution in the subject matter of sustainable plastics & smart packaging/ products and move you towards the process of implementation.

We help you to improve the quality of your plastic products by identifying and measuring valid indicators.

Diagnostics and Optimization
We uncover potential for improvement and optimize your production processes.

We support you in polymer processing, recycling and recovery of plastics.

We develop algorithms for predictions to support your proactive and flexible production.

Who is »SPIRIT«?

The combination of our complementary skills holds great potential for synergy effects.

ICIPC (Institute for the Plastic and Rubber Research and Training) 

  • Experts in high added-value services in polymer materials, processing and products
  • Our core competencies are
    • R&D and innovation on polymer processing, plastic packaging and products
    • Specialized lab services with national and international quality standards
    • Education and specialized training on polymer processing, plastic packaging and products

Fraunhofer FIT (Institute for Applied Information Technology) 

  • Experts in applied information technology
  • Our core competencies are
    • IoT (Internet of Things) platforms
    • Smart Data
    • User Centered Design