Munich  /  October 19, 2020  -  October 22, 2020

analytica 2020

Hall A1, booth 526


At the analytica Fraunhofer FIT presents the exhibits "Scanning platform for laboratory diagnostics" and "Fluorodrop – Highly sensitive nucleic acid measurements".

Scanning platform for laboratory diagnostics

As part of the PathoSept project, Fraunhofer FIT has developed a modular platform for automated optical measurements on standard microtitre plates. The modular approach makes it easy to integrate different measurement set-ups for analysis. One application of the platform will be shown using the example of fully automated microbial growth analysis. More

Fluorodrop – Highly sensitive nucleic acid measurements

FluoroDrop is a system for the analysis of highly diluted nucleic acid solutions. Especially in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), accurate quality control of even the smallest sample amounts before sequencing is necessary. FluoroDrop is ideally suited for this task. With just one measurement on a tiny drop, the mass and molar concentration as well as the average fragment length in the sample can be determined.