Conference  /  May 22, 2017  -  May 23, 2017

Fraunhofer IoT Innovation and Networking Days

22 – 23 May, 2017

Leading industry experts claim the Internet of Things (IoT) as the next Industrial Revolution. The IoT applications seem to be limitless. The department User-Centered Ubiquitous Computing at Fraunhofer FIT works on IoT-technologies and applications in the fields of Smart Factories & Sustainable Process Industries, Smart Grids and Smart Cities.

The IoT Innovation and Networking Days at Fraunhofer FIT give participants from research and industry the opportunity to meet face to face, exchange experience and discuss about ideas in a relaxed and open environment. Representatives from the European Commission, stakeholders from industry and research organizations provide insights to their working area and current research questions.

Among the main topic areas:

  • Smart Manufacturing and Sustainable Process Industry,
  • Smart Grids and
  • Smart Cities & Civil Engagement

the following aspects are covered by the networking sessions:

  • Large Scale CPS and IoT Deployments
  • Big Data Analytics and
  • Blockchain

Networking and further information

A World Café gives the opportunity to talk about common topics of interest in an informal manner. In addition during the included Networking Buffet in the evening of day one, there will be chances for in-depth conversations and further matchmaking. Project demonstrations and posters from all interested partners will accompany the evening buffet and provide insights into the variety of attendees´ activities.

We are looking forward to active networking, inspiring discussions and creating innovative ideas together with you! If you have any questions don´t hesitate to contact us.

To foster discussions and networking all attendees are invited to present posters and demonstrations illustrating their current working topics and research areas. The participation in the Poster and Demo Session is free of charge.

The registration is open. Two day participation, food and beverages are included in the workshop fee.  

The IoT Innovation and Networking Days feature the EXCELL – Big Data Applications for Cyber-Physical Systems in Production and Logistics Networks project. 




Topic Area I:
IoT Approaches in Smart Factories & Sustainable Process Industries

12.00 Reception and Lunch Snack
12.45 Welcome and Introduction
Markus Eisenhauer, Fraunhofer FIT
13.00 Resource and Energy Efficiency in Sustainable Process Industries  The MONSOON Project
Claudio Pastrone, ISMB
13.20 Industry Use Case: Automation in Manufacturing
Angelos Papadopoulos, Kleemann Lifts
13.40 Challenges for Discrete Production Industry  The COMPOSITION Project
Marc Jentsch, Fraunhofer FIT
14.00 EXCELL – fostering excellence in cyber-physical systems 
Zsolt Kemeny, SZTAKI
14.20 Contextual Cyber Security for IoT 
David Lund, HWComms
14.40 Coffee Break
15.10 World Café (3 Rounds) 
- Smart Manufacturing & Sustainable Process Industry
- Smart Grids
- Smart Cities and Civil Engagement
- Large Scale CPS and IoT Deployments
- Big Data Analytics
- Blockchain
16.40 Coffee Break
17.10 Perspective of the European Alliance of IoT (AIOTI)
17.30 Advanced Multi Business Model Innovation and Technology
Peter Lindgren, Arhus University
17.50 Blockchain in Collaborative Manufacturing and Supply Chains
Peter Rosengren, CNET Svenska
18.10 Energy Harvesting: A Key Enabler for IoT Sensor Devices for Smart Factories, Smart
Grids and Large Scale Deployments

Michael Hayes, Tyndall
18.45 Opening of Networking Buffet and Poster / Demo Session



Topic Area II:
IoT Approaches for Smart Grids

9.00 Welcome 
Markus Eisenhauer, Fraunhofer FIT
9.10 Embedding Intelligence in Future Grids: Conflicting Visions, Common Perspective
Mihaela Albu, University of Bukarest
9.30 The Storage4Grid Project
Riccardo Tomasi, ISMB
9.50 The Virtual Battery  A Chance for the Energy Transition
Svetlina Ilieva, Trimet AG
10.10 Coffee Break
10.30 Future Smart Grids: the DSO Perspective 
Gitte Wad Thybo, eniig
10.50 Tobias Gawron-Deutsch, Siemens AG Österreich
11.10 Cybersecurity for Next Generation Utilities – The SUCCESS Project
Gianluca Lipari, Eon Research Center RWTH Aachen University
11.30 Coffee Break

Topic Area III:
IoT Approaches for Smart Cities

11.50 Large Scale IoT Pilots in Smart Cities  The MONICA Project
Markus Eisenhauer, Fraunhofer FIT 
12.10 Smart City Torino
Antonio Murciano, City of Torino
12.30 Liveable Cities: Sound vs. Noise at Inner City Cultural Events
Jonas Brunskog, DTU
12.50 Spectrum and Standards in IoT
Steffen Ring, Ring Advocacy
13.10 Closing and Lunch Snack