User-Centered Computing

The User-Centered Computing department develops IT systems and technologies that focus on their users throughout their complete life cycle. We aim for systems that provide effective personalized support for the task at hand and fit perfectly into the work environment. Our expertise from more than 20 years of R&D on Human–Computer-Interaction and adaptation to context enables us to build intelligent environments and IT systems that satisfy the requirements of usability, Web compliance and accessibility in their individual context.

Our wide repertoire of design methods lets us combine appropriate test-oriented methods from User-Centered Engineering with ethnographic and participatory approaches, so we can involve the users from the start in the planning, design and evolution of their systems. The range of our activities includes usability engineering of products and systems, support for the design of standard-compliant Web and desktop applications as well as the use of sensor technologies and embedded systems in industrial environments.

The department focuses on:


User-centered Ubiquitous Computing

  • Improving energy efficiency – reducing energy consumption by providing user-centric adaptive applications for monitoring energy use and smart control
  • Service-based networking of embedded systems, sensors and mobile devices in smart environments

Usability and User Experience Design

  • Research, consulting and educational services on user-friendly design of products and services

Web Compliance

  • Cloud computing services using our imergo compliance suite, helping our clients to build Web and desktop applications that comply with standards and legal requirements for accessibility, corporate identity rules and search optimization criteria
  • Ambient Assisted Living environments that support elderly and handicapped people in need of permanent care

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