Düsseldorf  /  November 18, 2019  -  November 21, 2019


Hall 10, booth G05

At MEDICA 2019, Fraunhofer FIT will present a scanning platform for laboratory diagnostics, "DrugTarget" − a method that can quickly check the condition of the genome, and mobile apps for health prevention.

Scanning platform for laboratory diagnostics

As part of the PathoSept project, Fraunhofer FIT has developed a modular platform for automated optical measurements on standard microtitre plates. The modular approach makes it easy to integrate different measurement set-ups for analysis. One application of the platform will be shown using the example of fully automated microbial growth analysis. More

Drug Target   

Chemical reactions and molecular modifications change the genome of each and every human over the course of their lifetime. These modifications can result in disease, but they also provide a basis for determining a person's biological age. Fraunhofer scientists participating in the project "DrugTarget" have now developed a method that can quickly check the condition of the genome. This will help develop points of intervention for new medicines and will help inform people how youthful their bodies are. More