Equal opportunity and diversity

Fraunhofer FIT places high value on the diversity of its staff, and emphasizes equal professional opportunities for women and men. FIT‘s Equal Opportunity Commissioner, elected by the institute‘s female workforce, supports the institute‘s directors in this endeavor. FIT has the highest percentage of severely handicapped staff among all Fraunhofer institutes. Severely handicapped staff at all organizational levels up to Group Head contribute significantly to the success of Fraunhofer FIT. To foster cultural diversity also in dealing with our clients, foreign students and junior staff are closely involved in FIT‘s projects, mostly through Bonn- Aachen International Center for Information Technology (b-it).

Winning female top talents

Organization of Fraunhofer Wissenschaftscampus for female MINT students in cooperation with Fraunhofer head office and other local Fraunhofer institutes, participation in the Deutscher Absolventenkongress, Cologne, and women&work, Bonn.

Support for woman in science

Organization of communication and career workshops, participation in the TALENTA and "step forward" mentoring programs.

Work-life balance

Full-time on campus holiday care program, emergency care for children and homecare / eldercare for employees and their close relatives in need of care, flexible working hours, parent-and-child office room on campus.

Influencing career choice

Organization of workshops at Fraunhofer TalentSchool, involvement in Girls’Day seminars, support of work experience activities, Maker AG at CJD Königswinter.