Microsimulation Models – MIKMOD

The Microsimulation Models – MIKMOD group develops microanalytic simulation models that help to analyse and forecast financial consequences of proposed federal tax and welfare legislation. Currently some of the typical case models are implemented in standard software packages and, thus, made available to a much broader range of users. The models are applied in commissioned studies for several federal ministries.

Beyond its longstanding tradition in model assisted policy support and consulting the MikMod group performs statistical investigations and provides highly specialized data sets for the use in federal ministries.

Both aspects, model development and empirical investigations open opportunities for doctoral students and student assistants working on their theses.

In their budget planning the federal ministries need to take into account the consequences of socio-economic trends. Shifts in political agendas and supreme court sentences force the federal government constantly to reconsider the system of taxes, subsidies and welfare payments.

Only detailed computer-based analyses can produce reliable forecasts of the consequences that proposed legislation on the one hand, socio-economic and demographic trends on the other hand will have on departmental budgets and disposable incomes of the citizen.


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